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Here I tried to cover main scenarios of possible cooperation and what tasks and areas we could work out together.

Main Options

Project «from scratch»

Best option if you already know
— What exactly you’re expecting to create.
— How it should look in the end.
— Project’s expected budget.

Product Consulting

Consulting and collaborative work on your product – existing and new functionality, user flow and experience, optimization, pivoting etc.

Business Development

Updating, optimizing and informational packaging of existing project for showcasing to clients, partners and investors.

Public Speaking

Attending as a speaker or moderator on conferences and business forums with adapting content for target audience and key messages.

Few important points

Current majority of my partnerships are with big corporate clients who are more project-oriented and technological Startups in areas related to Mixed Reality, Mobile and Cloud App development as a consultant.

At a first step it’s important to decide what type of partnership would be more efficient in your exact scenario – process-oriented or result-oriented.


When it’s impossible or at least complicated to formalize end result criteria on current development stage. Research, formalization and decomposition of tasks – that’s a work too. So it required proper involvement, team work, business deep-dive and time investments.

It’s more efficient in this case to use consulting with some varieties with covering labor costs inline with invested time. Usually it’s a single consultancy or partial project involvement with guarantied monthly work-time investments.


When project goals and tasks are clarified, time frames are already planned and project budget is secured.  Speaking about budget – usually it could be calculated as a percentage of value after go-to-market.

That case gives more freedom both for choosing right approach and for proper time management. It’s also more economy efficient, but much more complicated for proper setup and management.


If you see where we could work together or you have some questions – feel free to fill a contact form below or ping me in Telegram. 

Key Expertise

Mixed Reality

More than 5 years of experience with AR-VR-XR software and hardware.

Cloud & AI

More than 8 years of experience with cloud services and neural networks.


Deep and inside-out experience with Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook ecosystems.


More than 5 years of experience in game development – Mobile, PC, Console.

– Just wanted to ask you something. Here’s a task…
– Wait a sec, you need advice or consultancy? 
– What’s the difference?
– Advice is free, consultancy cost money.
– Advice, for sure!
– Listen to my advice: get a consultancy appointment.